Warm Salads Are Great

But let's not take things too far


First: I’d like to welcome all our new subscribers, thanks to the wide influence of Diana Henry, from our very last issue, who is utterly incapable of making a salad that looks like an emoji. (The emoji salad is your enemy.)

Second: Now that you’re here, I have a bit of bad news. We are having the barn I live in rewired, for reasons having to do with NOT WANTING IT TO BURN TO THE GROUND WITH ME IN IT, LIKE SOME CHARLOTTE BRONTE CHARACTER, LEAVING NOTHING BUT A PILE OF CINDERS AND SOME JARS OF VINAIGRETTE. So, as much as I hate to leave you salad-less for a week, it’s looking like I am going to have no choice. It’s going to be hellish around here.

I’ll be back next Wednesday, with a wonderful roasted vegetable salad from Diana Henry (for paid subscribers), and then we’ll resume with regular newsletters for the whole gang that weekend.

I promise to make it up to you, with some extra prizes (including some great books I want to tell you about). Try not to go to the drive-through before I get back.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful photo of the rhododendrons at Ronnie’s house, down the road. Ronnie is my blackberry guy. You’ll be hearing more about him and my peach guy this summer. See you next week!